Avatar Tales



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

So glad you asked. Avatar Tales is service that allows you to create custom children's stories, or tales, in the form of a digital, softcover, and/or hardcover books. You have the options of creating a one-off tale, or a series of tales. Each tale, complete with images and illustrations, is created using a combination of artificial and human intelligence and creativity. You tell "us" some basic information, and we send you a story that is unique to you!

Will I receive a hard copy?

Yes. Once version 1.0 is released, you will have the option to purchase a softcover or hardcover version of each book. If you are part of the Early Access program, you will receive digital drafts of the tales that are generated.

How much does this all cost?

Early Access members will get the first year of digital tales for free. After that, the cost will be $7.99 per month (subject to change before v1.0) and receive one book every month for the duration of your subscription. We are also offering ~two months free on an annual subscription ($79.95). The cost of the hardcover and softcover will be determined at a later date.

Can I use a classic tale like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" as the story line?

Yes. You can use any story line you want, provided it is not a copyrighted work. We will be adding a library of classic tales to choose from in the future.

How are copyright and Intellectual Property issues handled?

As artists and technologists ourselves, we understand (all too well) the frustrations of having work stolen or otherwise used in ways we don't approve of. The graphics and images are derived from an image model that we train on our own visual content. The illustrations and graphics are either created by us, or acquired legally from other artists.

If you feel that we have used your work that is too simular to your own, please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!